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Diesel Generator HQ is the top place to find new and used diesel generators. Whether you are looking to buy or rent or are just looking to learn more, Diesel Generator HQ is designed to help you save you time and money. Having a backup generator is essential during emergency's and other times when you cant be connected to a power grid. Diesel Generator HQ partners with only the most trusted dealers in the country so you can be sure that you are receiving a great diesel generator, at a fair price. While looking into renting or purchasing a diesel generator it is important to go with a reliable, dependable, local equipment supplier who understands your business. Count on Diesel Generator HQ for nearly any purpose, including:

  • Marine Applications
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I rent or buy?

If you are using your diesel generator as full time power supply, then fuel consumption is a major part of your operating costs. If it will only serve as a backup, then most of your cost is up front. Either way both of these situations probably mean it is much more cost effective to buy than rent. Renting a diesel generator is a great way to avoid up front costs, and service and maintenance problems that may arise with a lot of use. For short term use at a construction site for example, then renting is almost always the way to go. The more hours you use each month, the more likely a purchase will save you money.

What are the advantages of stationary vs. portable diesel generators?

Stationary diesel generators are typically more expensive up front but can be more cost effective depending on how long and how much you plan to use it. Portable diesel generators are typically less expensive and come with the benefit of being able to move it around whether it be a construction site, RV, home, or anywhere else there is no power grid. Feel free to brush up on portable generators here If your application isn't mobile and you do not have multiple locations then a stationary generator is definitely the way to go.

What is size will I need?

Most diesel generators have a power rating that ranges from 10 KW to 600 KW. The generator size is selected by the electrical load they intend to supply. Whether you are using your diesel generator for emergency, prime, or continuous power must be taken into account when looking for what size you are looking for. It is important that you meet your energy requirements, or you will be adding unneeded stress to the generator which can damage the equipment that's connected to. Always give the dealer as much information as you can, and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

How much fuel should I keep on hand?

Each diesel generator comes with a data sheet that has its precise consumption figures, but generally a diesel engine uses roughly 210 liters of fuel per hour per 1000KVA. Diesel generators typically have internal fuel tanks, which allows them to run between six to eight hours per tank. Factor in how long you think an emergency could last to calculate how much additional fuel you will need for a worst case scenario.

How do I take care of my diesel generator?

A diesel generator needs the same service and maintenance as a diesel car would. This includes air filter, oil filter, oil, and fuel filter. Running it often is also very important to keeping it in proper working order. It is recommended that you run your generator for at least 30 minutes once per month, which is enough to heat up all the components.