Diesel Generator HQ

Eight years ago Diesel Generator HQ was built on the idea that people who are looking to buy or rent diesel generators should be able to find a dealer quickly, with as little hassle as possible. That's why in 2005, Doug Brooks decided to leave his job at one of the major site service companies and start Diesel Generator HQ. He has worked tirelessly over the years to make the right kind of connections that make DieselGeneratorHQ.com the kind place that can offer his customers the best customer service at affordable rates. Now with eleven employees, Diesel Generators HQ has really begun to do business the way Doug intended when he started this business. Processes have become streamlined over the years to allow us to save our customers time and energy while looking for their next diesel generator purchase or rental. We define ourselves as industry leaders because we have been able to:

  • Save our customers money- With our network of diesel generator dealers throughout the country, we are able to save our customers money by finding the best prices around.
  • Save Time- Our customers no longer have to call multiple companies, and flip through numerous web pages to find a diesel generator. Customers can find all types and sizes of generators throughout the country right here on our website.
  • Eliminate hassle and worry- Our customers don't have to worry about hidden fees, or equipment not being available.

We would love to hear from our customers how we can continue to be helpful while looking for a diesel generator!