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Buying a used diesel generator is a great way to save money while still receiving quality equipment that can last. If you regularly need portable power on a construction site or for outdoor events, finding a used diesel generator for sale that is still reliable and in good working order should be a top priority. Used equipment always comes with a little bit of extra risk as you do not know the history of the machine, but make sure that only the best suppliers get into our system. It pays to be careful and do your homework, so always use a reputable company who takes care of their equipment and offers a warranty on the used equipment they sell. Even without a warranty it is important to understand that many used diesel generators, even those a few years old, have very low hours of usage since they are often used as standby power sources. This means you can find one in fairly good condition while reducing your risk. While it's nice to save money on used equipment, the drawbacks of having a used diesel generator stop working can cost you even more. Get started now for:

  • Up to 70% savings vs. new.
  • Multiple financing options.
  • Most dealers offer warranties or have manufacturer warranties remaining.

Diesel Generator HQ is a great place to find affordable used diesel generators that are well maintained. Our nationwide network is the only place to go for trusted suppliers who deliver fast and on time. Please fill out a quote request and one of our professionals will contact you shortly!