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Portable Diesel Generators

Portable diesel generators are designed to be temporary power sources whether as a backup power source or to energize a few pieces of equipment on a construction site or home. As stand alone energy sources, portable diesel generators can be used where the power grid is unavailable. Some of the main advantages of having a generator that is fully portable are that they are normally less expensive than stand alone generators, and can also be used right away without having to worry about installation and delivery. If you are looking for the most efficient solution to your temporary power needs, a portable diesel generator can match any other option. They have the longest engine life, are quiet, and diesel fuel is not as dangerous as the other fuel types. One possible negative that shouldn't be overlooked is that during a black out diesel fuel may not be the easiest to come by and render your back up power supply useless so make sure you keep plenty of fuel on hand. The biggest advantage of buying a portable diesel generator is the mobility it offers. All you need is an extension cord and a portable diesel generator and you can power many types of electrical equipment around a construction site, a home, and anywhere else power isn't easily accessible. Take a look at a few of the advantages of buying a portable diesel generator:

  • Highly mobile, depending on size can be moved by hand or towed with a truck
  • Very high energy to power ratio for high energy requirements
  • Very efficient with long engine life

Buying a portable diesel generator isn't for everyone. But if you are looking for a mobile, low use generator then diesel can't be beat. They are designed for construction sites, RV's, marine use, and any other time temporary power consumption is needed away from a power grid. Fill out a quote above and let one of our professionals answer any questions you might have.